silver – recycled wire and sheet from a supplier that powers its facility with solar power

stones – found during nature walks or ethically-mined or lab-grown and┬ápurchased through fair trade

other materials – reclaimed and repurposed (for example: leather and fabric)

cord – 100% organic hemp twine

packaging – jewelry cards made from wine case cardboard, biodegradable plastic zip bags, recycled cardboard gift boxes

disclosure – items that are not yet available as described above: chain and earring hooks

shop practices

silver dust & silver scrap – worked into pieces to enhance texture or details

cleaning pickle – toxic acid compounds replaced by salt and vinegar

procedures – whenever possible, electricity swapped out for hand power (drilling, piercing, polishing…)

business practices

No Dirty Gold supporter

partnership with Aura’s House through Aura’s Necklace

regular donations to numerous community and medical non-profit organizations