Follow the ethics link to see details on my business and studio practices as well as the materials used to make my jewelry.  My ultimate goal is to get as close to zero waste and 100% green as possible.  Although I am not there yet, I am constantly getting closer.  Follow the news link to see my shared Facebook posts regarding the mining issues that drive my choice to use recycled materials. Suggestions for improvement are more than welcome – please contact me.

the company

Under the name Cagibi, I create intriguing pieces while being ecologically and socially responsible. Some pieces are minimalist, others are intricate, but all are made with quality craftsmanship, and with this in mind: to make you look and feel unique, and also feel good about the origin of your jewelry. All of the jewelry begins with recycled sterling silver and is certified with a .925 stamp. Some pieces are embellished with natural and lab grown gemstones like onyx, sapphire, agate, and quartz, or other materials such as shell, glass, or leather. Some pieces have precious metal accents of fine silver and copper.

Whenever possible, raw materials like recycled and responsibly mined metals and fairtrade gemstones are used. My inspiration comes from the quotidian. The form of an object may mimic the shape of a stray hair stuck to the shower curtain or an oil stain in a parking lot. Often the color, shape, and texture of the raw materials themselves trigger the design. On other occasions it comes from experimenting with unconventional uses of various tools. Many works are based on atypical representations of everyday subjects.

I’ve been making silver jewelry since 1994. I now create in my studio, but my earlier pieces came to life in various bathrooms, roof decks, and closets in and around Paris, Providence, and Boston. This is why my work dons the name “Cagibi” (pronounced cah-zhee-BEE). It’s French for walk-in closet or shed. I make conscious choices every step of the way. The Cagibi studio is heated with renewable energy. My sketches are made on recycled paper. All of my scrap metal, even silver dust left over after filing, is melted down and worked into future pieces. Whenever possible, natural substances, like lemon juice, salt, and vinegar, are used to clean and patina the metal. Other chemicals are chosen wisely, and the few chemicals that are used are disposed of properly. I save energy by working by hand when electric options are available to, for example, saw, brush, drill, or polish. The boxes my jewelry is shipped in are made of recycled cardboard.

My jewelry goes beyond being stylish and earth-friendly.  I try to be human-friendly as well.  Cagibi Jewelry and Art has a partnership with Aura’s House, “a grassroots online project that raises funds for housing, health, income generation, and education projects for needy children in developing countries.”  For each Aura’s Necklace that is sold, 50% of the profits go directly to the organization. I’ve also donated to numerous other community-based organizations and have another partnership in the works – stay tuned.


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